Virus Testing Services

An unhealthy plant or crop may be due to any number of factors. One of the most serious causes could be the presence of a virus. If left unattended, viruses can spread from plant to plant, sometimes destroying entire crops and industries. The identification of plant viruses tends to be very difficult to confirm without laboratory testing.

ProgenyBio offers molecular virus testing under the Virus Testing Services (VTS) division to the province of BC*. The services provided by ProgenyBio VTS can help save agriculture in BC from the potentially devastating effects and economic losses that viruses can cause in crops. Monitoring and managing viruses in crops is an important agricultural practice that has been mostly unavailable to producers in BC in recent years. Providing rapid, accurate, and confidential virus testing services to producers at a reasonable price will help to protect the longevity of agricultural investments in the province.

(*Service range may be extended with samples shipped by clients.)

Grapevine Leafroll Disease Testing – $25/sample –  Contact us at to arrange for sampling or drop off.

Little Cherry Virus 2 Testing – CLICK HERE