Organic Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation

Organic tissue culture micropropagation can help organic greenhouse growers gain access to uniform, hearty, disease-free, starting material that will put them weeks ahead of starting from seed. Micro-propagation allows the grower to select the best performing plants to multiply and fill their production system. This can increase production value for greenhouse growers by tailoring systems to reach maximum potentials. Plants can be selected for water, light, and nutrient requirements, disease resistance, growth habit, and yield among other traits to fit the specifics of each production system.

At ProgenyBio, we have been successful in developing organic tissue culture formulations and procedures for cucurbits. We plan to expand this technology to other crops to help enhance the biosecurity of organic greenhouse producers throughout Canada. Contact us at to find out more.

To the best of our knowledge, ProgenyBio is the only company in Canada to develop tissue culture formulations and methods for certified organic production.

After review by the Canadian Organic Federation Standards Interpretation Committee, Section 5.3 of CGSB-32.310 (Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards), tissue culture propagation of plant starting material using approved organic components and procedures qualifies for organic certification.

With the rising prices in seed and limited access to untreated seeds, organic greenhouse growers would benefit greatly from tissue culture micro-propagation technology supplying their starting plant material. ProgenyBio aims to develop certified organic tissue culture micro-propagation formulations and protocols for many greenhouse crops grown in Canada.

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