Now Offering – Little Cherry Virus 2 Testing

Little Cherry Virus 2 (LCV-2) is the primary causal agent of Little Cherry Disease (LCD) in British Columbia and Washington. Abnormally small fruit and poor flavor quality characterize it. LCD has spread throughout Washington State and now there have been sightings in the Okanagan, Similkameen, and Kootenays. This disease can be devastating to the Cherry industry, as the only method of eradication is to remove and destroy whole trees. The virus is transmitted by mealy bug and grafting with infected tissue. Regular scouting can help identify potentially infected trees early before spreading has occurred.

At ProgenyBio Agricultural Services, we offer scouting and virus testing services. We are committed to helping our local cherry growers remain disease-free and able to continue producing high quality fruit. Using accurate and sensitive molecular techniques, we can test your cherry samples for LCV-2.

Contact us to arrange for the testing of your samples today!

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